Coordinate z axis in rhino cam


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I have problem with z axis in Gcode with my cnc machine mach3 softwear any body can help me


That is not a very helpful problem statement - can you be (much) more specific as to what’s happening?

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Hi are you work with rhino cam
I design all of my part with rhino cam and get the post and get the Gcode
But when i use it in mach 3 soft wear and run it my z axis move in the wrong coordinate
Thk you


So, the RhinoCAM toolpath/simulation looks correct, and the post-processed G-code also looks correct, the tool goes to the correct X and Y in each block, but not the Z? How much is the error? Is it consistent everywhere or random? This sounds more like a machine/controller problem assuming the G-code input is really correct.


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Hi micth
All of thing is ok x .y and z in simulate but in mach3 when i run the G code machine z coordinate must be move +z move to -z ok
I change the +to- handy i edite G code ok


If you have to edit all of the Z values from +Z to -Z after posting the code, it sounds like you have a problem with your post-processor. If you open the post editor and go to the motion page, check the Scale Factor for Z. If there is -1 there, change it to just 1. Save and post. Did that fix it?


As Dan said above, you can check your post-processor in RhinoCAM, if the Z scale is indeed set to -1, that is your problem.

If the Z scale is set to 1 already, you will need to see why the machine control is going in the wrong direction. The convention is that -Z movements go toward the workpiece (generally “down” on a standard 3 axis machine) and +Z movements go away from the workpiece (“up”). If your machine is doing the opposite, I think there is something wrong with either your setup of Mach3 or with how the CNC computer is connected to the controller cards/axis motors.

If you program just a simple G1 movement “by hand” at the computer directly in Mach3, does it move in the “correct” direction?


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Thk you

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Thk you very much

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Very good its work thk you

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Hi dam
May i ask another quastio
I have problem to cnc a balloon
Can you help me
I have got to cnc a balloon on the wood or mdf but i dont know any thing
Thk you


Can you post the model? It’s not possible to be helpful with just “cnc a balloon”.

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Hi dan thk you
Do you have whatsapp no
May whats app no is +989373895336
Or do you have email that i can send you the model
Thk you

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I need to cnc woth wood or mdf of this model
I dont know how to do it


You’re best bet is to contact Uday at MecSoft and have him walk you through this. I can’t really teach you how to use RhinoCAM on a forum. MecSoft will do a webex with you and help you program this part.


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Hi dan ok i make contact with this
Thk you