Reversing Rhino Coordinates

I use Rhinoceros in tandem with RhinoCam to run a CNC machine. The coordinates on the CNC run opposite from Rhinoceros. The machine counts the X axis up to the left from zero and Rhinoceros counts up to the right from zero. Is it possible to reverse the coordinates in Rhinoceros so I don’t have to do all my geometry in mirror for it to be right?

It’s absolutely horrible when CNC manufacturers decide to make coordinate systems on their machines that are non-standard. What you have there is in effect either a left-handed coordinate system (if “up” in Z is still positive) or an inverted right-hand one (if “down” in Z is positive). In any case they are in opposition to most conventional CAD systems which use a right handed coordinate system.

You cannot change the coordinate system of Rhino to a left-handed one. You should however be able to take care of the X-Axis coordinate inversion directly in the RhinoCAM postprocessor (i.e. multiply by -1).

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I was afraid of that…Thanks for the advice. I will give that a try. What really sucks is I have 2 other machines that do it right.

This is exactly how I create mirrored posts in RhinoCAM. I’m guessing this is your mirrored post?

No, I just opened the PP generator and put in a -1 to illustrate how it’s done…

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