Convex Voronoi

Hi! I am wondering if there is a good way to make convex Voronoi in the form of NURBS(brep in gh?). Could someone point me in the right direction?

From the community’s contributions, I found that so far, the most straightforward ways to do this are:
the ball method by Daniel Piker and the mesh method. The problem is:
1 ball method is (from my understanding) only working for spheres. I want a shape that is more like extruding straight up and then shrinking a bit–but not exactly spherical
2 Mesh method create too much polygons. When I convert to NURBS, there is no good continuity by design and there are way to many faces. (mesh method’s results does more closely resembles the shape I want (I saw picture of a building called water cube that is similar, though I am thinking more of animal skin))