Impossible to mesh large solid polysrf

Hi, I’m trying to Mesh a model for 3d Printing but it just displays meshing… forever.
Open to suggestions or things I might have overlooked.
while boolean-unioning the many solid elements it’s composed of, the display meshing was getting slower and slower, so at some stage, I decided to switch to wireframe. And now I can’t go back.
I think I will have to split it and mesh in portions, can’t think of other solutions.


Hi Guido - see is SelBadObjects selects that object and if so, ExtracBadSrf.


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no bad object selected

Hi Guido- can you send me the object or send to, with a link back to this topic, and with a picture of the mesh settings you used?


sent :crossed_fingers:

Hi Guido - if the file is very large, SaveSmall and then upload to Rhino - Upload to Support, to my attention.


I managed to send it to print finally.
I had to split the model and build the display mesh portion by portion:
I then extracted the render mesh, joined it, and exported it to 3mf.
In retrospect, it seems that boolean-unioning everything was unnecessary. Cura can handle adjacent meshes quite well and removes the overlapping walls. I could have saved hours!
I’m still puzzled about what might be causing this, Maybe solving a massive amount of trimmed surfaces, because the original model had way more detail and it had no meshing issues.
It would still be great to have control over the meshing settings during STL export.
@pascal did you get the file?

Hi Guido, I got the file, thanks, and I see that it never finishes meshing - but I don’t know where the problem lies yet.