Converting mesh points to surface

Hello, I am trying to convert points of a mesh obtained from the simulation into a single surface so that I can divide it into hexagons from the lunchbox. But I am stuck with generating a clean surface from the component surface from points. Please guide me on how to generate a clean surface.
Thank you

surface (19.7 KB)

Try this. Not perfect, but good enough I think.

surface (18.0 KB)

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Thank you… Thats surface didnt work that well…Actually I want to reconstruct that mesh using hexagons… So by having a surface I was planning to divide it through lunchbox… But this surface gives very bad subdivisions using lunchbox.

Then we are back at square one…

I worked it out finally after hours of hit and trail of different methods. I finally contoured the mesh and lofted to obtain a new clean surface. Thanks for the help though !

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show me

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mesh to (25.6 KB)

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Clever. Works for this mesh, I tried with a 4 point sadle shape and it creates a strange surface. In any case I doubt there is an u niversal solution.

Try loft option and rebuild with increased number of point count.