Converting Flamingo-Decals to Rhino-Decals?


a Flamingo user is asking me here, if there is a tool to convert Flamingo-Decals to Rhino-Decals:,9120.0.html

Any ideas?



This would be a question for @scottd

There is not a good way to make this conversion. Manual application is the only way.

If necessary, the Flamingo wiget could be made visible, traced with a rectangle, then that rectangle used for the Rhino decal. But that is probably more trouble than it is worth.

This will apply to materials also. While some of the material properties will transfer, the new Rhino materials are so different and powerful that recreating the materials still is the best strategy. Of course old bitmap textures can still be used, but the material framework should be new.

Hi @scottd,

thank you for the details.