FlamingoNXtDecal bug

I got this error when I used FlamingoNXtDecal command. I use the latest version of Flamingo (2016-05-13).

Flamingo decals render correctly, but they are invisible in rendered mode, and difficult to edit.

Flamingo nxt 5.0 uses the Rhino 5 decals seen in the Properties panel. The Flamingonxtdecal command will load the older version of Flamingo nxt which doesn’t though. Check your current renderer in the Render drop down menu to check. If you use Flamingo nxt 5.0, the Rhino 5 decals assigned in Properties will be seen in the Rendered viewport.

My guess is that you still have some partial installation of the older Flamingo nxt on this system so you’re seeing this message when you run this command and the renderer gets switched.

You are correct. How do I remove the older Flamingo nxt?

When I changed the renderer from Flamingo nxt to Flamingo nxt 5.0 and ran the render preview, decal was not visible in the rendition. Next, I changed visibility to both sides and used render command - decal was visible in the rendition. Finally, I changed visibility to front side and used render command - only right side of the decal was visible in the rendition… This is typical behavior of Flamingo - some of its features work randomly.