Need help, polysurfaces unable to join

Hi I’m relatively new to Rhino and am having a problem joining 2 polysurfaces as seen in the image below. I’m trying to make a hinge for a clamp structure i’m building, but I’m unable to join the hinge components to the clamp parts. How can I fix this?

Hi Isaac -

Please always post the 3dm file, else we’ll have to guess what you have in front of you.
Surfaces can only be joined to each other when their naked edges align within tolerances. From that image, it doesn’t look like there are any naked edges.

Please start with some basic tutorials that you can download from the Help -> Learn Rhino menu item.

Hi Wim -

Sorry about that, I’m still not used to these forums. I’ll take a look at those tutorials, thanks for your help.

joining polysurfaces is only possible when the ends at which the adjacent surfaces lay are open. closed polysurfaces dont join, if they share one exact congruent surface you can try Boolean Union.