Joining Surfaces going in different directions

Hello All,

I’ve been having a hard time creating a single surface out of these two complex surfaces. Both are compound curves so they are going in multiple directions. I can’t for the life of me get them to join or become one manageable surface. If anyone knows of a command that will help. Please let me know. I’ve tried networksrf but it doesnt seem to pick it up due to the seam between the two.

Hi Harry - you can Join them if the edges are within tolerance, to make a polysurface but they will not be one surface, Post the file… someone will take a look.


test.3dm (296.6 KB)

Thank you for your reply Pascal. Here is the file. The goal is to have this surface become editable as one surface, even if i have to rebuild it and have it be deviated by a X amount of mils.

Hi Harry - it cannot be one surface - the best you can do is make a polysurface- currently the edges are pretty far apart, so you’ll need to MatchSrf, for tangency, I would say, with ‘Preserve isocurve direction’ set and ‘Refine match’ set - then you’ll be able to Join. But the nature of surfaces is that while they can be trimmed to shape, the underlying shape is always topologically a rectangle and that is not possible here with the instanataneous drop off from the larger surface to the smaller one there at the ‘cut’.