Beginner question : how to join parts of two objects?


I tried to join two objects (surfaces) but neither “join” or “snap” worked.

You’ll find here a screenshot of the model.

I’m beginner with Rhino, perhaps I don’t use the right things. Could you please help me ?

Thanks in advance for return.

If you want to join them, you can “move” and with end osnap put them together.

Hi -

Please just include pictures right into your post. And even better, always post a 3dm file when asking for help.

Hi @Paul_96 Hi @wim

I tried end snap but it didn’t work, it’s likely due to the model.

You’ll find attached the file but I don’t know to include the picture in the post (see below).

Hey, I only have Rhino 6, can you convert it to this version?

Hi @Paul_96

Please, find the file here.

NB : I also tried to join two simple cubes (solid), but any snap appeared.

there were some issues with the model.

the End Osnap works just fine here. But…

you had a Bowtie. I dont know how you build the object in the middle, but the surfaces overlapped, making the End Osnap not sufficient.

the Box from which you made the middle object was also not aligned with the extrusions at both sides, you might pay attention to that.

another Issue was, that the middle object could not be joined due to naked edges. ShowEdges.

I have rebuild your object using BooleanDifference and ExtrudeSrf

for the middlepart I created a Sphere that has the exact Radius of your Curve, I fitted it to the curve with Sphere 3pt. I multiplied the Sphere (you can see it in the model) using Mirror.

I then extruded your surface to the length you had before with the Gumball Extrude. Another Option would be ExtrudeSrf.

Hope that helps :slight_smile:
Here is your file:
test_rhino_4_edited.3dm (1.9 MB)

Select both and Join (ctrl+J) them. It should work.
I suggest you do some tutorials, it really helped me out!

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Thanks a lot for this return @Paul_96. I will try and I’ll do another model.
To do my model I used a cube (solid), made arc between each middle of each edge, joined each arc, created surfaces between arcs, and then joined each surface.
I begin now with Rhino before using Blender and mesh modeling these last years, and I still need to learn how to find and fix my topology errors with Rhino.
I watched a lot of tutorials and I still need to watch more but sometimes I although need help.

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Just to confirm that it works :+1: :+1:

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Glad I could help! Have fun and enjoy your ride with rhino :slight_smile: