ConvertTextToGeometry command not working correctly

I tried the ConvertTextToGeometry command and I tried the rhinoscript example for converting text to geomtery and they both output geometry however the text is not correct. It always converts the text to this _AllowOpenCurves=_Yes. This might be a bug. I am using the most recent version of rhino7.

Hi Jason - this is not a Rhino command - are you running a plug-in that has it? Explode is how you’d create curves from text in plain Rhino.


Maybe I loaded a plugin and didn’t realize it. The explode is great but it generates outlines is there a way to specify a single stroke font. For many years the rhinoscript for texttoobject worked for this but it no longer is working.

Hi Jason - please post the RhinoScript code you are referring to, I’ll have a look.


Thank you. I am using the code from the rhino code examples Rhino - Converting Text to Geometry

Hi @Jason_Pilarski1,

Try using the TextObject command and specify the SLF-RHN Architect font.

If you start a new document with one of the Rhino pre-canned templates, you’ll see an Engrave annotation style that uses this font.

Does this help?

– Dale

unfortunately I still get the same results. No matter what the text is it gets converted to this. I remade the script but for some reason this line has an issue
cmd = cmd & "_Output=_Curves "

The TextObject command has changed quite a bit between Rhino 4.0, when the referenced sample script was written, and Rhino 7. You’ll need to modify the script to work in Rhino 7. Run _-TextObject to see the command line options you need to match.


Select the text you want to use a single line font, and change it’s Font property to SLF-RHN Architect. Then run Explode to explode the text into curves.

– Dale

Thanks for your help that worked but after the explode the text is always rotated 180 degress. Curious if you know why or if that happens to you.

Maybe have a look at this thread: