Convert Rhino Preview from Revit into Rhino Geomerry

I have been trying and failing to use Rhino.Inside to play around with some visual/graphics automation processes.

There is one “obstacle” right now that has been bugging me and I have not been able to find a proper solution. When I extract a view from a given sheet, the preview in the Rhino space isolates the viewport bounding box and the view title bounding box, however, when drawing a bounding curve from those elements in only tracks the total bb as a composition of those two elements. It seems I can’t even select or isolate the two elements from each other.

Is this possible in RIR or other methods? I’d like to be able to take the preview (seen in the screenshot) and convert them one-to-one as curves in the Rhino/GH space to manipulate from there. I have no intention of then converting the information back to Revit, I just want to generate those curves but have yet to find a good way.

You can cast to a Surface or a Curve