Mesh/Loft surface from curves

Hi all,

I’m new to GH, but loving every second of it.
I am struggling of finding ways to create polysurface from LandXML file.

I found ways to extract the correct information from it and build breaklines in GH, but I don’t get any guide working for my problem (Closes point sorting, weaverbird mesh from lines, closed curve loft).

I am trying to read LandXML surface files into GH and trimming them into single surface (combined lowest surface and combined highest surface)


Current progress: (5.9 KB)

Hi @jero.juujarvi,

You need to internalise the data that GHowl fetches for you, otherwise nobody can see what geometry you’re dealing with! You can for instance connect a Data component between the GHowl and Spit (Text Split) components, left click near its input, and select Internalise Data. Save and simply re-upload your GH file!

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Right-click anywhere on a Param component works for me.


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Aaah, Apologies.

I was so sure I internalized XML file to XML parser. Now I skipped gHowl and internalized data into text seperator text field.

Let me know if it works now. (33.8 KB)


Instead of internalizing data into component inputs, it’s easier to examine the data if you use param components. I extracted your data as params from Text Split:


Two things:

  1. Your coordinate values are HUGE! ~7 million and ~24 million units for X and Y respectively.
  2. The first nine branches are a jumble of coordinates instead of three per row. This causes problems that you deal with in an awkward way but still leaves many branches in the tree with only one point defined which causes Polyline to fail.

This looks like the same results with simpler code using Partition? In both cases, 1,272 points are being ignored because they are in branches by themselves, so are useless for creating polylines. (57.6 KB)

And I have no idea how to use the polylines?