Convert Hatches to textured mesh?

Hey guys I’m working on a new project. As I imported the PDF I find all colored polygons as disconnected hatches. Is there a way to join all hatches to a textured mesh? Would help me a lot!

Here is the file: Poly Vector.3dm (11.1 MB)

Here is a screenshot:

Thank you!

Hi Hannes - is this about right?

Poly VectorMaybe.3dm (2.6 MB)


how did you do this. although the mesh doesn’t match the texture. But maybe doing a precise export and creating the texture in photoshop based on an underlying layer would help and then texture the mesh with the created texture. or is there a quick way in rhino with a script?

thank you @pascal !

I forget… I think I ExtractPt the points from the hatches, then MeshPatch the points, then added planar mapping to the mesh and (this is the imprecise bit) applied a screen grab image of the original hatches as a texture. You can probably be more careful with the image and mapping…


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