Control position of posts of a railing

In the railing construction, is there a way to control the position of the posts with control points?
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Hi Simon, VisualARQ railings place posts at the end and start points of a railing path curve and at each one of the discontinuity points in between. When you activate the control points of the railing, they are the same as the original curve, and therefore they are likely coincendent with the position of the posts.

But it is not possible to put posts every certain distance along a straight railing with the standard railing options. You can do it with a railing style created from a Grasshopper definition, but still, the control points will be the same as those of the path curve used to create the railing, that won’t be those where you have the posts.

Hi Francesc, with other words, there is no possibility to control the position of the posts. Often the railing is too long between two posts and you need intermediate posts.
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Hi Simon, that’s not possible, unless you create a Railing style from a Grasshopper definition where you define the distance separation among posts. You can also use a baluster component instead.

Hi Francesc, I think the easiest way for us is drawing the intermediates posts manually.

Hi Simon, if you send me a screenshot of how the railing looks like, and which parameters you would like to control, we can try to develop it with a GH style.

Simon, you can have almost everything, see the picture and definition: (7.0 KB)

Yes, that’s true, defining a rail isn’t an easy job :wink: there are some inaccuracies, for example you cannot add evenly distributed posts, you have to put the exact position. That’s why at my example there are 2 different styles. If you are interested, I mean if Francesc is also interested, I could prepare some more detailed report about rails.
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Hi Jerry,
Thank you. I will try it. It looks very interesting.
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