Control points in different degree curves joined

Why when you join curves with different degree the one with the lower degree is displayed with more control points?

Hello - when curves are joined, the overall curve takes on the degree of the highest degree curve in the set that was joined, so some curves will go up in degree and consequently show more points in that part of the joined curve.


however, in the details of the joined curve, you don`t see the info about the overall curve, you see the info of the different curve segments.

Yeah - it still has to be represented that way - as the higher degree - as things are now. There is talk of not doing it this way but currently a joined curve becomes a NURBS curve as far as the control points go. It’s interesting that if you move a control point then all the sub curves take on that higher degree.


I’m occasionally annoyed with a degree 1 curve (straight line) becomes a degree 3 curve through Join. It is interesting that in contrast when surfaces are joined the degrees of each surface do not change but the control points are not available. Two different philosophies.

Yep, it is not ideal. With regards to the curve vs surface join, I’ll go out on a limb and guess that if surfaces were untrimmed then perhaps something similar to curves in the way of joining might be possible.