Help please! :) G3 Continuity creates tons of Control Points

Hello guys,
I am now modeling a 3D curve (kind of a 3D elipse) and I built it as follows;

  1. First I created the a surface which I can take section from
  2. I took a section and created my curve
  3. I rebuild the curve with less points (8 to be exact) and from Degree:3
  4. I used BlendCrv with G3 continuity

Now I want to edit the curves just a little bit more to be able to get the perfect result. However when I join them it adds tons of control points on my main curve so it becomes impossible to edit that. Do you know what causes that and how can I fix it?

Sorry I couldn’t add screenshots now when I have access to my computer I can add also.

Hi Mete - when you create a G3 blend, the result is a high degree curve - degree 7. When a curve is joined to other curves the result takes on the highest degree of the joined curves- this will increase the point count if some of the joined curves start out as lower degree and are boosted to a higher one - in this case quite high as a result of the degree 7 blend.


Hi Pascal,

Thank you very much! I’ll experiment more on that.
I think I need to learn about the degrees of curves more. If you know some sources about these I’d be glad to know them.
Thank you again,


Have a read through this:

Thank you!