Wish: "Original points on" for polycurves ... please

Hi guys, this is an old wish that needs to be refreshed. (Or I need to learn how to do it :wink: )

It would be SOOO great to have a tool that could turn on control points for polycurves where lower degree curve segments were not affected by higher degree segments.


And if it is possible then I would love to learn how to do that.



isn’t this doing that?

They turn them on alright… (And the shortcuts are F10 and F11) but what I wish for is for Rhino to be able to join a degree 1 curve with a degree 3 curve and still only show the degree 1 controlpoints for the degree 1 segment. Now that segment is turned into a degree 3 curve too and thus has 4 controlpoints instead of the initial 2, until it is exploded where it is reconverted to degree 1.

So now I have to explode, group, turn on points, edit, select, join and repeat next time I want to edit.

Hope that makes sense :slight_smile:

Ah, I see, i didn’t get that from the title :sweat_smile:

Hi guys, I need to bump this old wish.

I work with lots of hatches and boundry curves and it would make my day SO much easier and faster IF I was able to manipulate curves as their subobjects. I want a straight line to be a straight line even if it is joined with a degree3 curve.

Is this something you can look into?

A test command would go a looooong way! :slight_smile:

What I do now is to explode, group, manipulate, join and ungroup curves, but I can not do that for hatches.

Would you accept script solution?

I think I would welcome it in any form.
But IMO default behavior would be best since it would support F10 and the default select-object-to-reveal-points approach.

I use lots of scripts, so I’d just throw that on a button. It would need to work on both polycurves and hatches at the same time though… and meshes… That’s why I haven’t tried to make a scritp for it yet… :slight_smile:

Hi Jorgen - yep, I know, this has been ‘under consideration’ for some time, I will see if I can get a more official response. My recollection is that the consensus was that we should do this it is not technically too hard, but that it has not bubbled to the surface yet in the grand scheme. I do not know if I trust my recollection, so I’ll check with a bigger brain.

So, yes, @Holo, what I said was about right - we’ve talked about it, it is not hard, but somewhat complicated, and now it has an official YT item. What I understood from the typists is that we should not wait under water for this development. It will not be a V7 thing.

RH-57979 Maintain original curve segment control points in polycurves


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Hi @pascal,

While you’re at this internal discussion you could also consider same kind of merging for polysurfaces (connected nurbs surfaces)