Contour lines is not straight lines

Please need help. The contour lines appears not straight lines as shown in the attached photos so how i make the contour with straight lines?


On the contour command you need to define the direction (iirc).
You will need to set that direction exactly upward.
Try holding SHIFT when selecting the second point in the front or left view. This will ensure a direction parallel to the z-axis.

Does this make sense?


yeah, Thank you so much Willem.

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Willem, sorry one more question in the same model, sorry i’m a new in Rhino.
How i make the surface lines of the bridge same surface of the 2 buildings? like that all the 3 surfaces will look as one surface with same counts lines, just to can be able to make curtain wall cladding.

I’d suggest you spend some time with the tutorials instead of trying to do a project while you’re “Finding your footing”:

You’ll figure out Rhino much faster that way with a lot less frustration.

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Thanks John for your info. but i would like to clarify you that, It’s not a project i’m working on. I already watched the videos and the tutorials because i was using sketch up in professional way for more than 10 years then i started to work on Rhino to learn. So it’s a test project from A to Z for learning and test my self then i got this problem which stopped me and i came here to ask after longtime of searching how to resolve it.

Sorry, based on the nature of your first question and your other comments, I assumed you were new to Rhino.
Using Ortho to make a line perpendicular to the Contour curves seemed relatively basic to me.
This technique and making a blended surface between your objects are both covered in the Rhino User’s Guide tutorials.

No,nvm.but for my first question, contour command was working with me very well with any solid surface but not with not any rebuild surfaces from cages. That’s why i thought maybe there is a mistake steps or i miss something or not remember not just Ortho because i’m not too much familiar with Ortho anyway. And about making a blended surface i will revise it again and anyway thanks for your added infos again.

Hey John. I just wanted to tell you that, the solution is not covered in the Rhino User’s Guide Tutorials.

Please post the file that you’re having trouble with Contours.
I’ll have a look.

I know that the Rubber Duck tutorial covers creating a blended surface to make the neck between the duck’s head and body.

i attached you the file.Untitled.10dm.3dm (5.2 MB)

When I run Contour from the Front viewport on the polysurface, I’m getting curves that are coplanar with equal Z coordinates as expected.

Here’s what I did:

  • Isolated the polysurface and Hid everything else
  • Created a Contour layer, set it to Red and Current
  • In the Front viewport started Contour and selected the polysurface
  • Used “0” for the start of the contour plane base point
  • Pressed and held Shift (for Ortho) and picked a point above the polysurface
  • Set the contour spacing to 5mm

I’ve attached the file.
What are you doing differently?Contours.3dm (3.0 MB)


It looks like the Penguin tutorial has replaced the Rubber Duck in the User’s Guide and covers creating Blend surfaces.