Creating Topography from Contour Lines as Surface

Hello Guys hope somebody can help me.
I have a set of Contour lines with their height already in Rhino. Now i want to create a Surface (not a mesh!) from these contour lines.
now i watched this video and followed all the steps but it simply doesnt have the same output.

For him the Surface is perfectly aligned to to contour lines whereas my surface is just a series of large triangles with some height information to them, making the surface look patchy and wrong.

I believe my mistake lies in the first commands, his “explode” divides his contour lines into a´lot of individual points. When i do the same my contours get divided across a grid like structure, which i think messes up the following commands.
Is this any known mistake or do i need to do sth to the contour lines first?

Edit: if u need a file just comment (i need to repack my file bc its too big)

The contours have to be divided into really short segments.

In case your contours are curves and not polylines, you can try to use divide length.

Or curve to polyline and then explode.

basically it looks like this for me
these are my contours

and this is how it gets divided with the explode command

ur tip with the divide lines helped me, although not all contours are in my model, e.g the lowest “circles” are not included in the surface
edit: i’ll try ur solution thx

my only chance on getting the model more high res and true to contour lines i have to amp up the U & V number?

Yes, but first of all you need to make sure all your curves are loaded.

Select all curves in Rhino, look at the command line how many and what sort of curves you selected. In GH you can plug the curves into a panel. This will show you what’s in the crv component. Or hower over the component.

alright thank you very much :smiley: helped me a lot and fast :DD

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