Contour Line Distribution

If I have contour lines from a topographic map is there an easy way to distribute the contours for example 1m each instead of manually moving the lines?

Thank you.

Hello- if there are not ‘islands’, unlikely, then this is not too hard but if there are it may require some more elbow grease - can you post a simple example?


The tried-and-true ‘manual’ procedure:

  • In Options>Modeling aids>Nudge, set the Nudge keys to arrow keys (not Alt+Arrow) and set the value of the “Nudge key alone” to 1.0 (meters).

  • In Perspective view, select all your contour curves. Use Ctrl+click to deselect the lowest level one(s).

  • Use the PageUp key on your keyboard to nudge all the rest of the selected curves up by one meter. If no PageUp key on your keyboard, you can click on the Gumball Z arrow - you need to enter a value of 1 the first time, then it will retain that value for the rest.

  • Deselect the next lowest level curve(s)

  • PageUp/Gumball arrow to nudge 1 meter

  • Repeat until the end.

It goes pretty fast. It also helps if you have multiple curves that are supposed to be the same level, that they are grouped together beforehand.