Move flat contour lines in sequential distance

Hello, I want to generate a 3D typography surface from a set of contour lines. The height spacing of the lines is suppose to be 20ft.
But the contour lines are flat on one plane. Instead of shifting the lines vertically one by one, will there be a faster way to do in Grasshopper?

Thank you in advance!

Unless there is information identifying the height of each curve this is tricky to do. Usually contours are not all labelled, and you need to read the neighbours to identify each height. Your best bet is to add that information yourself. I would manually set the curve name to its required height. This can be extracted by add ins like elefront. You can reference the elements by layer with elefront too. If it helps you to check your work as you go, it’s worth adding a part of your script to display unnamed contours in a different colour. Without seeing how your contours are labelled or organised that’s the best advice I can give

It’s possibly more work than simply typing the height into the move command, but it’s easier to correct errors, because you can also visualise the heights by adding text tags. If the height is wrong you just change the name and it’ll adjust

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I ended up using cadmapper to generate contourlines with height differences. (The other around of what I asked for in the question. ) But thank you for you advice, I will try next time if I encounter similar problem again!