Make 3d contours

Hello. I have imported from AutoCAD the contour lines of a mountain which are in 2D but I know that the distance between them in y axis is 1m from eachother. Is there a way I can move them, automatically with standard distance of 1m vertically ? So then I can create the 3d surface of the mountain?

It depends… if all smaller area curves are inside larger curves you could sort them by area and move them accordingly. Best is to post a file

contours2.3dm (7.0 MB)

I posted the file. Im afraid I didn’t quite get what you said. Thank you for your answer though !

I briefly looked at your file, but how do you determine what is the highest and what is the lowest point? And how do you see where it changes direction (going up or down)
Also I was thinking if you have closed curves that are all inside each other, it can either be a mountain or a valley.
So after looking at it I have no clue how this could be done automatically.

do you have a version of this file that might have the elevation labels? If you do, and they lay on the contour, there could be a script that reads the text object, (contour label), then moves the line up to that elevation. but, as noted above, in the absence of something that indicates elevation, there is no automated way.

okay I see what you mean. The AutoCAD file is exported from arc gis and it was supposed to have the information of each contour line’s height. But I cannot see that. I also exported a shape file but I don’t know how to use / open that one I am posting the dog file in case you can find this information here. Thank you contour_lat30_1m_ExportCAD13.dwg (906.7 KB)

that doesn’t get any better no