Is there a command in creating more specific contour lines?

Hi, I currently have contour lines that are in 1 meter pitch. However I want to make it into 200mm pitch. I have my contours downloaded from web where they are 2D plane. I know rhino has a command called “contour” to create contour lines in a specific distance from 3D that you create. But this command won’t work with my contour lines in 2D, and plus there’s not a specific distance I want to assign, I just want to divide one section into 5 pieces since 5 of 200mm pitch line is equally to 1meter pitch line. I tried a lot of ways but there’s not a way that I can successfully making the result I wanted to. I’m not sure is there a command that can easily solve my problem, but I guess if there’s not I’ll just have to draw it by hand.

ps: In case my explanation is not clear, I uploaded my contour lines screenshot, what I want to create is the lines I drew (I’m sorry it’s quite ugly) with the red pen.

You can try TweenCurves

omg this might be the closest result I might get Michael! Thank you!
Do you mind me asking another question? I tried TweenCurves as you suggested, and somehow some points are resulted outside of the curves I chose. Do you have any idea why?

What match method are you using (There is none, refit, and sample points).

I think I did it with none? I tried with refit but I don’t think refit is the one cause there are a lot more parts that go outside of my curves. And sample points did something similar to none but still there are errors about curves getting messy.

I know rhino has a command called “contour” to create contour lines in a specific distance from 3D that you create. But this command won’t work with my contour lines in 2D

If contour doesn’t line up with your contours then wouldn’t that mean your contours are inaccurate being that contours are just slices at height intervals. Can you upload your file?

I’m sorry I’m not a native English speaker so I’m not quiet sure about what you mean slices at height intervals. My contours lines are data from web that gives me the lines per meter high. They can’t set the data for more specific height so I need to do the contour lines myself to get 200mm pitch height.

I really really want to upload my file but they don’t let me upload neither 3dm nor dwg (which they said they authorized!). I’m not sure is my explanation clear enough for you to understand…

If your contour curves are 2D (flat) as you said in your first post, then it will be difficult.

The Contour command will not help you in this case, as it is a command for creating 3D contour curves from a 3D object such as a terrain mesh or surface. You don’t have that.

As you saw, TweenCurves does not work well on chaotic curves such as contour lines. I think @Holo is working on something better specifically for this case, but I don’t think it’s ready yet.

So, IMO there is only one more or less OK way out of this… well, two perhaps. The first and most obvious way is to see if you can find better data somewhere - at least curves in 3D. Unlikely that you will find contour spacing of less than one meter though. The second is to actually reposition your 2D curves in 3D at the correct height. This takes some manual work, but is doable with Nudge or the Gumball.

Once the curves are in 3D you can actually create the 3D terrain mesh - using MeshPatch on all the curves for example. With the 3D terrain, you can then use the Contour command to re-slice the mesh at the desired interval and create new contour lines. If you need them flat again, you can simply use ProjectToCPlane after.

Note also that the new contours in between your original are “invented” data - they are just a linear interpolation between the original contour lines and do not really represent the actual terrain contours.

Most likely the file is too big to upload here.

I did tried to create topography with the contour lines I got then recreate contour lines. However when I used MeshPatch command, my rhino simply just stop working, and it even affects on my computer that I can’t shut it down to restart. Of course my topography didn’t happen. I tried that like 3 times and none of it worked so I just gave up on doing that orz I guess it’s my data problem that rhino can’t read complicated contour lines and process it into 3D. But thanks! if I got a simpler plan then I might try it next time!

I thought 2MB is not a big file though. But apparently it is lol

Hey Michael thanks for the help! I decided to use TweenCurve and sample points match method to create my contour lines. I know there are some alternations have to be made manually because the lines are chaotic, but I figure out that if I split them into segments then it’s less likely that TweenCurve will appear errors. You simply save my day! or else I might struggle in doing this for like a million year. Thanks a lot!!