Continued or Chain Dimension

Most CAD Software (Autocad, Nemetschek, Microstation, Archicad) provide Continued or Chain Dimension objects.

These simply the handling of Dimension objects by allowing to…

… create a coherent dimension chain (not single objects)
… insert a dimension within the chain (while automatically adjusting the neighboring dimensions)
… continue the dimension chain in both directions (by automatically taking on the adjacent dimension point and position)
… modifying the position of the chain in relation to the drawing

Could this be introduced in Rhino 6? This would be great while making Rhino even more interesting for architects and designers resp. people creating production drawings.


Hi Mattias - is this basic functionality, your first point, different than the ‘Continue’ option in the Dim command?


Hi Pascal,

… of course one can use the “Continue” option. What you cannot do is continuing a dimesion after it’s created.
… one basic difference the the other CAD applications is, that the single dimensions are recognized as a coherent object/“draw string” which let’s you edit the Position (distance to the drawing) as a whole.
… I found a Video on YouTube showing one editing functionality i meant:

it is shown at timecode 4:20


Hi Pascal,

any thougts on this one? Thanks.

Choosing a different dimension to continue from, is in V6.
Have you tried it in the V6 WIP?
Look for the “SelectDimToContinue” command line option.

Think Matthias has a point with chained dimensions. This is different to the ‘continue’ function in Rhino as one can make a series of dimensions that are joined, as opposed to a series of individual dimensions.

Chained dimensions have the advantage of being easier to edit. If one wants to edit a dimension in the middle of a chain you only do it once, as opposed to changing two dimensions. Having the possibility to add a dimension in the middle of a chain is very handy too.

Changing the dimension style or its offset distance from an object is easier with chained dimensions as you just select one object. If you have say 8 individual dimensions in a row you need to select each one. I guess you can group the individual dimensions but then when editing later you need to ungroup / regroup.

Hi All - thanks, I see what you’re getting at - I think it is safe to say that a single chained dimension type is not a V6 thing. It may help, however, to have History on dims automatically. (Please test the V6/WIP and complain as needed)

@Seamus: Very well described.

@Pascal: I do not know how much value McNeel is pointing towards Design/Architectural users. In the last years I really tried to figure out the features which are in most deficit resp. are producing extra time effort.

Dimensioning should be improved and it would not complicate Rhino.

McNeel doesn’t normally go after a specific group of users - other than their ‘traditional user base’ having been industrial design. They develop Rhino based on the feedback from its users. Your voice is heard and your wish recorded. There are now 2 users asking for this feature…

Thanks Pascal. Hopefully it can be included in a future release