Dimension modification

Hi everyone,

I think this question has been asked before but is there any option/function to modify a dimension, like we can find in other CAD software, by clinking on the dimension arrows?

Or if there is any sort of function like that, how can I modify a dimension?


Hello - what do you want to modify? The locations of the dimensioned points? You can turn on control points (F10) and move them, or modify/append to the text in the dimension’s Properties.

Does any of that help?



Yes I would like to edit the location of a point, or the dimension of a segment, like in the .GIF file I liked (using FreeCad)


It is not possible. Rhino is freeform CAD software, not parametric. e.g. no constraints, no value changes after finishing the sketch.

Hi Martin - I see, no, Rhino does not have driving dimensions, only ‘driven’.


Hi everyone,

I see, thanks for your answers

hi, yes sure it is possible if you just follow a different chronology. you can add dimension which are auto updated. then just activate the point and use scale 1d then enter the new length done. the dimension will update along.