Continous Selection - #suggestion - and a good tip here -

Good day,

I have an Alias set up for “RemoveFromGroup” (RE), which I use to select objects without holding the shift key. I use this quite often rather than SHIFT+LMB. Reason for this is because if one accidently releases shift and then hits LMB, the selection switches from all those previously selected objects, which any regular rhino user will find frustrating.

I find it far more efficient than holding shift etc, less prone to error.

Problems are:

  1. It is a command, so sometimes I accidentally hit the wrong key
  2. It does actually remove those objects from any group.

So would be great to have a way to do this without using the “RemoveFromGroup” command - i.e. continuous selection mode - Similar to AutoCADs selection mode.



Also gives a nice little + sign on the mouse pointer, which I was not able to capture…

Hi Arc - the Select command should do what you want I think, if you are just selecting and not in another command.
(RemoveFromGroup should probably filter the selection…)