Content Cache + Grouped objects?


It seems we can’t Group objects before or after Model Object. Is there any way to group object prior to Content Cache?

Groups aren’t considered geometry, more of a selection set. A block would be optimal and would allow you to change the contents.

This has come up a few times lately, i’ll add a feature request for Groups to be added to Model Content workflows.

Great, thanks! And just to confirm I’m not missing something: Grasshopper still doesn’t have a simple, native,“Bake” component, right? I’m using Content Cache with a very convoluted name-generator to avoid future overwrites of baked (“Cached”) geometry.

There is a less functional Bake component coming.

Your definition requires everything to go through the same bake component?

oh, that’s exciting! I’m not sure what you mean by “the same bake component”, but I’m basically just trying to replicate the Elefront bake component so I can output multiple variations of a similar part (tweaking gh parameters).

I am only starting to get my head around Content Cache, but I know that each object needs a unique name or else it is over-written by subsequent Push/Pull actions. So, I have a [“now”+clock] workflow that creates a text string every second. It’s a lot of spaghetti just to push some geometry to Rhino.

Hi @declan you may find this post helpful:

Sounds similar to what you are trying to do with options…

Hope that helps!

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Currently there is no automated Bake component. I know that is something that would be useful and we are discussing it.

Currently there are two options:

  1. Feed everything into a Content Cache. Then right-click on the Content Cache and use Bake option. This is of course a manual process, but does work.
  2. Use the “Branch Name” option the CC component. That is linked in Michael’s post below: Grasshopper Rhino Bake Content Cache
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