Constructing a funnel /Trim the model into pieces

Dear All

I want to construct a funnel and i have several problems.
I am not a designer or engineer and I hope to express my problems in an understandable way. The goal of the whole project is to print the created file with a 3D printer.

  • I created the shape of the funnel by a 1/x curve.
  • I created the shape of the funnel by a 1/x curve. It was moved parallel and connected the correspnding corner points. The body was created with Revolution 3D.
  • The funnel should be cut so that the individual parts can be printed out with the 3D printer and then put back together. Fasteners are to be constructed at the interfaces. The assembly should be easier later
    the trim function is not working. Don’t know what to do.Parametric1 Parametric4
    It would be great if you can help me.

If you use PLA to print with I’d suggest using this material

to weld the 3 pieces together. That way you are sure to get a good joint and also save the time/effort to make the connectors. If you decide on this approach I suggest reading this page

because that solvent is pretty nasty stuff and you have to be careful with it.

PS: that’s a pretty radical funnel shape. (14.8 KB)
the square shows a method for sectioning

thanks for your help. The funnel is quite big. The dimensions are shown in this sketch.

Just connect your new surface “see image” then change the other dimensions

Here you can check. I did it what you advice but it does not look like your example…Can you check please :smiley: (52.6 KB)

you must connect a surface not a brep.
you also changed axis therefore you must change the direction when extruding (18.2 KB)

ok thanks for the correction. I’ve been working on the model. Can that be done that way or not? (50.8 KB)

In the picture you see the top of the funnel which I printed with PLA (Scaling object to 50%)


Holes for measuring instruments would have to be made in the lid of the PLA printed part. Is there any plugin for screw threads?

Below I scaled the 3D model to 50% and shortened the top of the funnel a bit, otherwise the dimensions of the part would not match the print volume of the 3D printer.
When slicing, a support structure for the funnel has to be provided due to the built-in shapes (black box in the picture). On the outside a support structure is acceptable. A lot of material is wasted. Inside the hopper the support structure is unacceptable. It is not possible to remove the support structures in the narrow funnel sufficiently. If liquids flow through later, this will always affect the flow properties. What can be done? Another slicer? or would it be better to construct a cone with a 45°C angle of inclination. Then the built-in moulds (black box) could be printed without support structure. I just don’t know exactly how to do that. Screws have to be drilled through the cone. These then hold the components together. (I hope you understand what I mean)