Closing model to 3d print


I have a model I have worked on with grasshopper. I’d like to 3D print it in 2 or 4 parts to get a bigger size model since I’m working with a small plate in the 3D printer. I need to close it after cutting it, I was able to cut it horizontally to create the flooring and did it without a problem, but now that I want to cut it vertically I can’t just trim a plane to fit the gap on the sliced model. That was how I filled the floor of the model. How can I do this ?

JohnSOLID FOR PRINT.3dm (3.6 MB)

Hi - it’s not very clear what you are trying to do here.
Is the 3D printed object supposed to be 1 single object (printed in several pieces)? There are many internal parts that probably shouldn’t be there. Isn’t it only the outside surface that you are interested in?

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Hi Wim,

That’s right I’m only interested in the outside surface. Ideally I’d like to cut it into four parts but I can adjust with just two. I guess it should be the same if I want two parts of four. It’s that way inside because this was made using split spheres in grasshopper with a script to panel them so they intersect because of that.

Thanks for your help !

Hi John, In your GH definition, I would make sure that these single “spheres” get capped to make closed objects and then Boolean Unioned into one single object. Then you will be able to split this without problems.

In the attached file, I closed all 4 shapes (on separate layers), then unioned them into one, and split it with the first split that you had in that file. A second one shouldn’t be a problem.
SOLID FOR PRINT-wd.3dm (5.5 MB)

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