Construct mesh from lines made using Proximity 3D

I’m looking for a straightforward way to create a mesh object from a set of lines. In my case, the lines were constructed using the Proximity 3D component. My geometry is simpler than the one discussed here: Proximity 3D to mesh or surface. I don’t think the solutions discussed there will work for me, as I need my mesh edges to exactly resemble these edges obtained from the Proximity 3D component.

I feel like this must be possible – it seems that the Proximity 3D component is set up to create meshes but I just can get from the lines to an actual mesh object.

The weaverbird ‘mesh from lines’ component failed (“edge count is too low”) and I’m not sure what that means.

Try Delaunay Mesh…

Those lines look like they would work in Weaverbird’s mesh from lines component. You haven’t shown the whole file, but I’m guessing you have a data tree and duplicates issue.
Try flattening the L output, and remove the duplicate lines before passing to WbWeave


This isn’t really the case - while sufficiently well distributed points can sometimes be used to make meshes in this way, there’s no guarantee they do define a manifold surface mesh at all.

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Yes it was duplicate lines!
But sure – I can rephrase what I said before: it seems that one obvious workflow from proximity 3D would be to construct meshes from the lines.