Construct and Deconstruct Visibility

Hello All,

Are the construct and deconstruct visibility nodes working correctly?

I get the following results

|False | Course | Course | False |
|False | Medium | Medium | False|
|True | Fine | Fine | False|

However, the result in the viewport was true for Fine.

|False | Course | Course | False |
|True | Medium | Medium | True|
|True | Fine | Fine | False|

This results in the fine setting being false in the viewport.


Has anyone come across this or can anyone reproduce this result? I’ll keep testing in the mean time.

Thank you!

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What version of Revit are you working in? the See Details in the About has the particulars. Thanks

Hey @Japhy

Thanks i’ll take a look, its been a while since i’ve been in those components.

Thanks for looking into it.

I appreciate it.

There is a bug on ‘Construct Visibility’ component on this input.
There is a fix compiling right now for 1.23.

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you guys are amazing, thank you for promptly resolving this one.