Constraints - floor plan drawing

Hi, is there a chance that constraints may lay the foundation for the drawing mode in which created lines (or walls) would behave like in e.g. Revit?

I must emphasize that I don’t mean a carefully set-up relationship between all the lines but rather a “live mode” in which wall layout drawing is aided by some line-extension logic on the fly.

I would like to see something like that especially together with VisualARQ. IMHO that would drastically improve the drawing experience.


To some extent it should, but Revit’s walls are not offsets, they are extrusions created from a single line. This technique is known as “thin wall extrusions” in Fusion 360 and Inventor. Basically it means you can extrude line as solid (and options to do offset extrusions from this line). If that were to be present in Rhino as a command, though it is achievable in grasshopper, then your answer is yes.
Doors and Windows are something else though. This means you can create both a model and a cutter that is associated to the model, which cuts the wall the elements are associated to.

I agree. Implementing these associations between walls or the option to edit objects’ positions based on dimensions would mean a major change in the way objects are created. That’s a great feature and we can consider it for the future.