Constraints: the next chapter

Is it possible to use constraints to achieve something like this (angular constraint):

…or this (area constraint):

I tried (a bit), but could not achieve it. Is it possible at all?

These are existing features in ArchiCAD. I learned to love them when placing spaces (rooms) in floorplans, etc. Worth their weight in gold.



Hello echo!

It was previously announced that development of constraints for Rhino are on hold until after the release of V8. Rhino WIP Feature: Constraints - #267 by Joshua_Kennedy

I know, fair enough. The question was if such contraints are basically possible, or were meant to be possible with the system as is. Not really, are they.

From my standpoint here: what’s all this glory…

…for, when the one or two things I could really use won’t work.
Should the project be continued, it would be great if they would.

@davidcockey hearing that constraints project was “suspended” was the worse news about rhino development since years! :sob:

I hope someone in Rhino staff will change his mind.

Do you think we could do something to take them “back on track” ? A petition…a fundraising…whatever the cost I’ll do it!


You are not actually asking for constraints here, but for a more advanced stretch command that maintains certain geometric properties (area, angle, etc.). In these kinds of examples, you don’t apply constraints like in a parametric sketcher, you let Rhino do this for you for the duration of the stretch command.

I don’t understand the difference.
What do ‘parametric sketcher’ constraint do then, and what are they for, when things like this don’t work?

I played a few times with the new system, and I honestly don’t get what problem they solve.

Archicad doesn’t have a concept of constraints (even if they may call it like that). These tools you’ve shown are drafting aids, meaning, you can still move a point off angle and break the parallel relationship between two lines.

The constraints that were developed for Rhino follow conventions in mechanical parametric modelers (like Inventor, Fusion 360, Solidworks, Creo, FreeCAD, OnShape, Nx etc.). The idea is that you constrain all aspects of the geometry, so you can make changes by changing parameter values in an excel like spreadsheet. So you change dimensions and angles, but don’t really redraw or modify the geometry by hand. Look up a few modelling videos of the software I listed and you’ll see.

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