Constraining, or fitting a subD to a curve

is there a way to constrain a Sub D form to a curve?
Or can I match a sub D loop to a Sub D friendly curve?

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Perhaps try aligning the sub D vertices to the curve.

Select vertices → Align → To Curve → Select target curve

The curve needs to be placed close to the desired area of the sub D you wish to constrain.

I hope this helps.

Hello @marc3! We have just added a new test command that will help you to match the boundary of a SubD to a SubD friendly curve. The command is called TestSubDEdgeMatch and is available in the latest release Rhino 8 WIP. Check out this thread for more details: TestSubDEdgeMatch: A new command to match SubDs to other Rhino objects

Very good news. Thank you!

Ye ol Tsplines had it.



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