Conserve data tree structure

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I need to interact the curves of 2 data trees. They relate from the root, but one of them developed in a more complex one along the script. For example I want that the 6 items of branch {2;3} are only tested for interaction with the curve of the {2:0} branch of the other input. And I want to do this without loosing my data structure. Shift the path works, but if I do that I lose my structure.

I hope someone can help me out!


There is an almost direct solution with Graft Parallel from Elefront, and a slightly more convoluted one with native components. The main idea is to extract the number of secondary branches, duplicate the base curve and graft.

Edit : this should be even quicker, but your definition would be helpful to check.
image (18.0 KB)

Thank you so much! It solved it :slight_smile:

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