Boundary Surface component not working in Grasshopper

Hi there,

I am fairly new to grasshopper and I am having trouble figuring out why my boundary surface component is not working. I am almost certain all my curves are planar but the component still won’t run.

Can anyone help fix the issue? I’ve attached my file to this post.

Version 5 (good).gh (70.6 KB)

I assume:

I have tried that but it will only give me a few of the surfaces, not all of them

Your curves are not closed

A lot of data structure issues were involved. You should invest some time to learn that since it is core of GH…

Version 5 (good) (70.4 KB)


This doesn’t replicate all the details of your model but it does show a “Grasshopper way” of modeling a similar tower. (28.2 KB) (28.1 KB)


Thank you!!