Connecting values from a list with lines or curves


My question is fairly simple I think, the screenshot should illustrate it fairly well.
I’m trying to combine the data from the left panel into a list with the point data of 20 objects in a way that the first point of each object is connected to the first point of the second object and so on.

I tried messing with a split list, I thought I used that in the past, but after googling a bit I haven’t found the correct solution.

In this case each object has 9 points, but this could also be 5 or 6, depending on the settings earlier in the GH design.

See here in green the points I want to combine, bottom to top:

The point data that I’m using is ordered in the original polygon order, layer per layer going up.

It must be quite simple, I just can’t recall how this was supposed to work and what was the name of the component to use. I hope someone has the answer :slight_smile:

Flip Matrix?

3. Attach minimal versions of all the relevant files

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Hello, thanks for your suggestion, indeed normally I would attach the gh file, but in this case I figured it was better to only show the part I wanted to ‘flip’ to keep it as simple as possible. And low and behold, your suggestion worked!

I still think I that I solved it in another way, but it seems that flip matrix does exactly what I’m looking for in this case. If I find the solution I had in mind when I started this I will post it here, I believe it had to do with some Voronoi sunflower project I did about a year ago.

Thanks a lot for the useful suggestion.

3. Attach minimal versions of all the relevant files
If you have a gh file you have a question about, attach it to the post. Do not expect that people will recreate a file based on a screen-shot because that’s a lot of pointless work. It’s also a good idea to remove everything non-essential from a gh file. You can use the Internalise Data menu option to cut everything to the left of a parameter:

Simplifying a Grasshopper network

If you are referencing curves or breps or meshes from Rhino, you can also internalise them so you won’t have to post a 3dm file as well as a gh file. If you’re unsure whether all the relevant data is internal to the gh file, try opening it in an empty Rhino. Does it work? Good. No? You’ll need to internalise more.