Custom connection with points


I am trying to connect a series of points together with a line in the Z direction. The complexity starts when these points connect to each other with diagonal lines that are not good for my purpose. (It supposed to be a distributed columns in a plane where it also has to serve the function of holding the above floor weight).
Back to the points, I draw a sketch of how they should be connected. Basically, they are connected either to the top points or the near points where I call the “X” “Y” and “D” (any other suggestion are welcome).
I attached the main file where I got help here and the sketch so that’s easier to understand.


19 FEB 2019 - AR6104 PARAMETRIC (12.2 KB)

You mean something like this? (24.0 KB)

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Thanks very much. I got it yesterday and wanted to try it with data matrix but it got complicated! It works for now but might need to get some more help along the way. Appreciate your time.