Connecting points GH and removing points

I want to choose the 3 points that have an equal slope so that I can draw the yellow line. Can someone help me out how to choose these 3 parameticly, so I don’t want to give the exact valua of them. I want to say like: The 3 closest points should be 1 line. (5.4 KB)

I’m not in front of Rhino, but I would do something like:

  1. use vector2points to get the vector (direction) from one point to the next
  2. compare pairs of vectors, so the 1st with the 2nd, 2nd with the third and so on. (just subtract one from the other)
  3. Wherever 2 are very close, so their difference is close to 0, you will know the 3 points are more or less in line
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