Closest points giving the furthest ones


I have two point clouds and would like to connect all the points from cloud 1 to the points of cloud 2, in pairs. I want somewhat random behaviour from the connecting lines (and non-vertical lines), so I am thinking of using not the closest point but for example the third closest point.

Now what surprises me is that I am connecting the points that look more like they would be the furthest ones, instead of the closest ones.

What silly mistake I got going on in here?

Thanks in advance! (16.6 KB)

this connects each point of list A to its 3rd closest point of list B (21.2 KB)

BUT :slight_smile:
it does not connect all the points in list B because not all the points of list B are proper “3rd closest point to a point of list A”, which also means that in list B some points are the 3rd closest point of multiple points in list A

so you end up with several lines starting from different points in list A, and ending in the very same point in list B


I got in similar situation with a bit of borrowed definition. Not quite what it should be. Trying now via Delanau Connectivity.


Didn´t work, but with new vertical lines from the starting points of the existing lines I could get the angles, and with Similarity I can sort out the lines that have too big deviations to the angles I want. (19.1 KB)