Connect / blend surfaces

Hello community!
i’m struggling with blending surfaces. As you can see in the image the problem starts with a missing curve. I can’t create a kurve on the abstract surface, maybe there is a command i don’t know atm. This kurve is required to connect the abstract surface (a.s.) to the cylinder.
The a.s. is part of a rotating surface which shares the same centerpoint as the cylinder. I would like to connect those surfaces. Is the blending option the right one to use (in rhino 6) or is there a better way?
And mainly, how do i create a kurve on the edge of that surface?
Thank you for your support!

chain edges in the blendsrf command won’t let you select that whole edge?

can you post the model?

Also, keep in mind that you can’t connect a closed edge to an open edge on the opposite end. Both ends that you want to connect must be of the same type, i.e. either both closed or both open. A pipe can’t be connected to a basic surface, unless you split the edge of the pipe with the ! _SplitEdge command.

chain edges… cant believe i missed that. thank you :wink: