Problem with smooth blend between 2 surfaces


I have a problem with connecting two surfaces with BlendSrf connection. The lines connecting corners are curved in one way while isolines in other direction. (the direction line (red one with arrows on the ends) is set in the same direction)
Maybe there is easier way to make a smooth connection between surfaces? I was trying also Loft and Sweep rail but also the surface gets distracted. :disappointed:

simply use Blend or BlendCrv, do that on each of the 4 curves which connect and use sweep2 on each side and join them together.

Thank you! It works perfect with Blend and even Sweep1. :smile:
I was just thinking if in any step you used the polyline/curve from the cut surface?
I am using it for sweep1 but Iā€™m overwriting the new polyline over the cut opening. As an origin the surfaces are cut boxes which get through bending and flow along surface process. However, now Rhino is not reading the cut as a closed polyline and when I want to MergeSrf the object is already theoretically merged. :confused: