Conical-planar surface _Intersect fails above specific height:radius

I discovered that _Intersect produces no results for conical-planar surface input not only when the cone is bisected by the plane through the apex and some other control points, but also when the cone’s height to radius ratio is greater than ~3.3097. This occurs in V7.21 and V6, but not in V5. (I did not search whether a different threshold exists in V5.)

V7.21 & V6:image V5:image

Cone-PlaneIntersectFail.3dm (67.0 KB)

Your cones all produce intersections with the Version 8 WIP on MacOS (8.0.22242.00306, 2022-08-30).

I get the same result you’re seeing with Version 7.22 on MacOS (7.22.22241.07002, 2022-08-29). I rotated your cones 45° and then they all produce intersections.