Problem13.3dm (1.2 MB)

INnthe attached file I have a sweep and two extrusions. I try to do an intersection and I get

“Intersection Failed”

Who would one correct?

Hmm- worked OK here on Windows… trying over there on the Mac…
Works on the Mac as well. I’m not sure what to suggest… Make sure you’ve got one red and one green object selected at least.


Are you running 5.0.2?

I am trying to do (RED and (GREEN or GREEN).

works ok for me on 5.0.2

how, exactly, are you trying the intersection?

which command or icon or menu item are you using?

are you selecting the objects prior to running the command or after?


I am using the menu. Solid>Intersection. Click Red; Done; Click Green Green; Done.

I tried it on my other computer and got the same rules.

Hi Jim - ah. BooleanIntersect… different story. I was looking for an intersections with Intersect… Cap the red thing so that you get a closed object - the upper end is open. So is the lower one, but BI does not care so much about that - it is not in the area that intersects.


Stupid me. Migrating from a product that created solids from sweeps.

just a sidenote.
what pascal and i said worked earlier was the Intersect command.

i don’t think it’s in the menus.
if you type intersect in the command search, a different type of intersection action happens (the objects don’t need to be solid… or surfaces… you can intersect a line with a surface… or a curve with a curve… solid with a plane… etc.

future reference ; )

Hi Jeff -
Curves > CurveFrom objects > Intersection


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