Contour making in Shoe Design

Can any one help me to do the shoe contour to be precise and could anyone here upload related video tutorials?

There are a number of videos out there if you search for “Shoe modeling in Rhino”, some of them will use plugins but you can use standard Rhino as well. In general, I’d suggest using the NetworkSrf command with two closed curves and at least four open curves running perpendicular to them… something like the set up below. If you have a scan of a shoe last you can import that mesh and use it as a guide too via Vertex Osnaps while drawing your curves. Record History when using NetworkSrf as well and you can edit the curves to update the surface.

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How can I combine surface into a sweep 2 rail polysurface. And how can I make a precise contour on shoe design

I can’t combine the patched curve to a sweeprail curve to make it solid even that they came with the same curve