Confirmation of typed command-lines by mouse-movement

First of all: i really like the layout of the new wenatchee! (2014-01-29 - 499)
finally we got rid of all those windows - layers, properties, osnap - in front of each other!

i am working with a wacom pen tablet, so i cant really avoid moving the cursor without raising my whole arm. as in the newest version mouse movement seems to confirm whatever typed command line, using rhino becomes a right-arm-fitness workout. is there any opportunity to disable that function? and if not: would you create the opportunity? thank you very much in advance!


Hi Karl,

Mouse movement shouldn’t cause what is typed in the command line to be run. Is that the issue you are seeing? I don’t have a Wacom on the Mac to test right now but it sounds like a preference for the stylus or there may be a driver issue with your OSX version. Can you reproduce the same thing without the tablet connected?

Hi Brian,

yes, i have the same problem using the trackpad of my mbp or a cable mouse. but maybe i didnt express the problem correctly. mouse movement doesnt run all commands, but values, such as coordinates, or distances. just to give a simple example:
if i want to type relative coordinates for the next point of a polyline (rx,y,z) i get the response

“Unknown or unimplemented command. r is not implemented.”

because i can not hold the pen exactly in the same position. but moving it will not try to run the “d” of the “distance” command.

thank you very much for your help!
and thank you for that great program!

Thanks for explaining more, I understand now and can reproduce it with the trackpad. I’ll get this specific case filed to see if we can account for it but please let me know any other related issues you see aside from relative coordinates. Thanks for helping make Mac Rhino better!

I am having the same issue as well using a regular mouse on a MacBook Pro. When I’m working fast, it’s difficult to stop moving the mouse as I’m typing in commands. I’m so used to typing that last “enter” that the mouse movement confirmation makes the command exit. It’s an issue for selecting properties like typing “V” for locking a line to the vertical. It is also an issue when typing values that are more than one digit, as mouse movement confirms each digit separately, so instead of “14,” you end of with “1” and “4” in quick succession. I emailed support and they recommended moving the mouse over to the command toolbar while typing values/properties and moving the mouse back to the model space to pick a point. This seems like more trouble than just trying to not move the mouse when typing values? It sounds like you guys at McNeel are on it, but I just wanted to verify that it happens on my laptop w/ a mouse.

Please try the 2014-02-03 WIP release to fix this problem.