Configure Rhino toolbars like my AC interface?

I’m hoping its possible to configure Rhino to look similar to my AC, and even assign similar shortcuts. First, I have my AC toolbars set up in a way that work perfectly for me and my work. Is it possible to set up Rhino toolbars as I have. (See attached pic.) At present, Rhino doubles my clicks for my commands. e.g. If I want to zoom to extents, in my AC set up I just click the icon. In Rhino, I have to click the tap Set View which then gives me the icon. same for every other tool, I must first click the tab that then shows the tool icon. I know Rhino is very customizable, and on can make/edit tools bars as I have in AC. However I cannot seem to find how to array them as I do in AC. If I drag the floating tool bar up it just becomes another tab. I would like to set it up as close to the pic as possible. Answers? Suggestions? Dont know how to post images so here’s a link to it.

the short answer is YES you can configure your rhino toolbars like what you’ve shown in the screenshot. You can pull off the nested buttons and easily create new toolbars. Pretty much every command in rhino can be one click activated.

Right click some empty space to the top right of the UI next to the toolbar groups. Choose Show Toolbar and pick the set of tools you want to dock. This will float that toolbar so drag the top of it to the area with the toolbar groups and it will dock.

If you then hold down shift and right click an icon, you can customize the left and right click macro for it. In the case of Zoom>Selected, you can also use the default Alias ‘ZS’ and enter. If you are stuck in how a specific macro should be written just ask here.