Cone shaped cable net form-finding

I must be missing something obvious, but I can’t get Kangaroo to form-find this cone-shaped cable net.

240406_PROG_Kangaroo (46.8 KB)
The whole thing collapses into oblivion, despite having the proper fixed nodes.

@DanielPiker , is it about finding the right combination of “strength” coefficients ?
A problem with the tree structure ?

Pulling my hair out at the moment…

if I disconnect the “10” tolerance value it works fine for me:


Curious how you created the original geometry? Would be nice to separately adjust the strength value for each opening (blue lines) but that doesn’t look so simple… Explored some ideas but haven’t managed to separate all the arches.

Hi Joseph,

There’s a whole other section that generates this geometry based on simple inputs, but it wasn’t relevant here.

I could have spent 1000 years looking for that one !
Thank you so much !!!

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This is quite insane. I don’t know enough about Kangaroo to create this from scratch but managed to hack code (white and purple groups) that allows ‘Strength’ to be set separately for each of the five “cables” (openings). I added pipes and colors to make them more visible and adjusted strength on each one to approximately match the original opening heights (blue curves).

Kangaroo (69.2 KB)

I realize now that I wasn’t looking from the correct angles to match heights exactly… but that is easily fixed.

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Hey ! Nice one Joseph !
In my case, the tension factors for the cables are set by the user by assigning a Rhino name to each edge curve, the name being an integer interpreted as the Kangaroo “strength” value.
These values are read through the new “Model object” component.
If the value is “zero”, the edge is considered fixed.


Yeah but the cable lengths are not fixed, that’s what got my attention in the first place.

Yours with ‘Strength’ set to 100 for all edge lines:

My version with all five ‘Strength’ sliders set to 100, same as yours:

But mine are adjustable, I can make the ‘After’ lengths the same as ‘Before’. (UPDATED)

Kangaroo (69.1 KB)