Anemone is not doing all the tasks inside the loop

Hello everyone, I am trying out what is possible with Anemone. I made a short and simple description to understand how the data flows inside of the loop but I am stuck, because I set an hexagon to be replicated in the Z axis and I wanted to have lines connecting each one of the hexagons inside the loop but for some reason the loop only takes the resulting curve to generate another one instead of drawing the connecting lines too

I attach the grasshopper file

Thanks in advance!
Hexagon (7.3 KB)

IMO, I don’t think you need Anemone for this…

Hexagon (13.1 KB)


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You are not storing your curves. You need to send them to Anemone “Loop End” component so it can store them.
Also, because you are using “Fast Loop” you will not see what is going on step by step… using normal “Loop” will help you understand.
Hexagon tower (1).gh (9.6 KB)

Note that, for this scenarios you can achieve the same result with no looping:
Hexagon tower (9.1 KB)

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This is interesting, the diagonal lines that interconnect the levels of the hexagons are created inside the loop, but you are storing this information at the end of the loop even though there is no input for it at the beginning of the loop.

I got the idea that all of the inputs had to begin and end at both components of Anemone